Look B 4 You LeaP

Look B4 You LeaP is a project by Leadership Pensacola’s Class of 2017. The project will provide a blueprint for the future of Pensacola’s pedestrian environment through implementation of innovative crosswalk designs.

Look B4 You Leap benefits the Pensacola community in a number of ways:

  • Enhanced pedestrian safety: Increased visibility with eye-catching designs will provide pedestrians with safety and security, ultimately decreasing the likelihood of pedestrian accidents.
  • Promote healthy lifestyles: Walk, bike, run or skip, these pedestrian-friendly crosswalks, encourages heart-healthy activity, minimize pedestrian injuries and encouraging wellness.
  • Community identity: Decorative crosswalks enhance neighborhood pride, enhance attractiveness of area attractions and strengthen Pensacola’s unique culture.In addition, these affordable, highly-durable crosswalks will promote the businesses around them by encouraging more foot traffic to the area.Another aspect of the project is Crosswalks with Character: a way for interested parties to give back to the community by subsidizing a custom-designed crosswalk for a school, public library, or charitable organization where funds may be limited.If you would are interested in sponsoring a crosswalk near your home or business, or want to contribute to Look B4 You Leap, please visit our PayPal page to make a donation or purchase a sponsorship package.Leadership Pensacola’s Class of 2017 needs your support in making our community a safer, more vibrant place for everyone to stay, eat and play in Pensacola.

Feel free to contact us via email if you would like more information on our project.